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Why is it important to use a professional website designer to build your business website?

Why is it important to use a professional website designer to build your business website?

Online presence of your business is vital, to stand out among your competitors. Because, nowadays when people are looking for services and if they heard about your business from word of mouth or any other way, most of the time they want to check out your website to find out about your business. First impressions they going to get about your business is from your business’s online presence, and high-quality website can make your brand or business as professional and credible.

That is why it’s important to get your website built by professional web developer rather than doing it by yourself or getting it done by one of your IT savvy friends. For example, you can lodge your tax return online without a tax agent, but getting your tax lodgement done by a tax agent, can maximise your tax return and can avoid issues with the tax office.

There are many DIY tools available online to build websites, but the outcome of the website will depend on the skill level of the person who is designed it. The experienced web developer will give you better advice and build the website that best suit for your business image and needs.

Having a fancy website is not everything, and it’s important to be ‘short and simple’. Within 15-30 seconds after visiting your website homepage, visitors should be able to get a good understanding of the services and products, your business offer. Also, it’s important to your website visitors engage with the website and not move away from your website due to your website’s design or technical issues.

For example, stunning look of the website and ease of navigation are important factors, but website loading time is also a critical factor. Also, when developing websites, you should consider SEO requirements, e.g. using correct H1, H2, H3 tags, include correct keywords in the pages, website titles and header, meta description tags etc.

If users move away from your website after visiting only one page, could relate to the following three things.

  1. Visitors found what they were looking for on that page and they don’t need to navigate to other pages. For example, if visitor needs to find your contact details and they found it on the homepage, now they don’t need to navigate to other pages.
  2. You don’t provide the services they are looking for or not the right product or service for them, or the products and services prices are not right for them.
  3. They realise your website don’t have what they are looking for, but in reality, you do offer the service that they need. Also, frustrated with the technical issues on your website and move away from it. That’s losing customers and do something to fix those issues before you lose more customers like that.

The third reason is why you need a professional website designer to build your business website. Cost is the main reason why they want to find cheap alternatives, but in the end, the number of customers and sales you lose because of that is, could be much higher than website design cost.

By Indika Wickramanayake, Impelweb Pty Ltd s

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