SharePoint and Office 365

Why your business should have Office 365 and SharePoint Online?

By moving to Office 365 and utilising SharePoint online services, businesses can enhance the productivity and can cut-down the spending on their IT infrastructure and IT administrative cost.

Study shows that moving to Office 365 delivers an ROI of 321 percent with a payback period of two months.

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SharePoint Online and Office365 Consultancy Service

At Impelweb, we are helping business to enhance their business productivity by streamlining and automating business processes with Office365 services. Our goal is to show how SharePoint Online can be effectively implemented to achieve your business goals while reducing operational costs.

One of the main advantages of utilizing Office365 services is businesses can reduce IT infrastructure and IT administration costs. To discover how Office365 services can be beneficial for your business, please visit here.

Our services include:

  • Developing business applications
  • Migrating email accounts and configuring with Exchange Online and Outlook
  • Building Workflows to automate business processes
  • Intranet site development and administration
  • Develop Online Forms to replace paper-based forms, MS Excel forms, and MS Word forms
  • Create document libraries to securely store and share files
  • Conduct training sessions on SharePoint Online and PowerBI

Business process Streamline and Automation

With automation, it’s important to understand what you want to automate and why, by analyzing each process carefully.  This is because some existing processes may be removed and there may be some processes that won’t give much benefit to the organization by automating them. It’s essential to analyze and calculate what kind of Return on Investment (ROI) company going to get by automation. Performance, reliability, security, and cost are the four key factors we take into consideration when we streamline and automate processes.

Following are some of the common processes that can be automated:

  • Payment reminders and approval process
  • Survey data collection, validation, and processing
  • Customer support and feedback form processes
  • Event bookings and scheduling process
  • Student enrolment process
  • Staff roster scheduling process
  • Employee leave application submission and approval

Benefits of Business Process Automation

As a main outcome of automation, organizations can experience cost reduction and increase efficiency. Because automation will reduce menial tasks from staff and able to reduce human errors like negligence, typo errors, etc. Cutting down menial task will save time for employees and allow them to focus on more important tasks and to eliminate the need for overtime. That means staff can have a good work and life balance. It will also reduce energy consumption (e.g., electricity, gas, water) within the organization and it can reduce the company overhead costs and benefit the environment.

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