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Improve your business productivity with Office 365

Improve your business productivity with Office 365

Office 365 is a versatile Cloud-based service that provides businesses a collaborative platform to work on. When choosing IT services for an organisation, performance, reliability, security, and cost are key factors to consider, and Office 365 shines in all those areas.

Here are some of the key points why you should utilise Office 365 services in your business and how it can improve your business productivity.

What is Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service that includes the Microsoft Office Suite applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other services like SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Forms, Flow, Power BI, Skype for business, etc. For more information about Office 365 subscription plans, click here.

Security and maintenance

Managing onsite IT environment (e.g., servers, data backups) securely and cost-effectively is a big challenge for businesses and moving to an Office 365 environment will help businesses to achieve that with less effort.

Office 365 services are hosted and maintained by Microsoft, which uses various security measurements (e.g. encryption) to ensure all data is secured and complies with security standards. For more information about data encryption in Office 365, please visit.
• https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/securitycompliance/encryption
• https://products.office.com/en-au/business/office-365-trust-center-security

Securely access and share data with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service part of Office 365, and it facilitates organisations to securely share data and effectively collaborate with users inside their organisation (e.g., employees, board members) and users outside of their organisation (e.g., vendors, 3rd party clients).

SharePoint Online default permission levels fulfil most of the content sharing requirements in organisations and have the option to set permissions at a more granular level for advance permission level requirements.

With SharePoint Online mobile app for Android and iOS, you can access your SharePoint sites, document libraries, Newsfeeds and more, on your mobile devices, which is useful when you are on the go.

You can sync the files in Office 365 or SharePoint Online site libraries, which allow you to work with the files directly in File Explorer on your computer and allow you to access them offline. All the changes (e.g. delete, edit) you make to those files will automatically get synced, and if you are offline, it will sync automatically when you are online again.

Emails with Exchange Online

Most of the Office 365 packages include Exchange Online, and it allows business to have an enterprise-grade email service without having to maintain an onsite Exchange server.

Spam emails are annoying and can be harmful if not handled properly. Exchange Online spam filter is powerful and blocks non-legitimate emails getting into your inbox.

One of the most common methods of spreading viruses is via emails and Exchange Online automatically scans emails for malware and viruses to protect your system against those threats. For more information visit.

Microsoft Forms to replace paper-based forms

Microsoft Forms can help to replace paper-based forms with e-forms (online forms) and able to save captured data directly into a SharePoint list to eliminate manual data entry process. With captured data in the SharePoint lists, you can generate reports, export those data into an Excel file, create workflows, etc. Its built-in data validation rules can prevent users from entering wrong data types.

Microsoft Flow to automate business processes

By combining Microsoft Flow, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Forms, and other Office 365 services, you can build Workflows to streamline and automate simple to complex business process, e.g. staff leave approval, purchase orders, and student enrolments. By automating business processes, you can increase productivity and reduce the operational cost of the business.

Communication and collaboration

Skype for Business and Yammer applications help the organisation communicate with internal and external users of the organisation securely and cost-effectively. Also, able to integrate those communication contents with other services like SharePoint and Outlook.

Low cost

By utilising Office 365 in your organisation, you can eliminate most of the onsite IT infrastructure and maintenance needs and able to establish more cost-effective, high performance and secure IT Services.

To suit your budget and business requirements, different types of Office 365 packages are available to choose from.

For more information about subscription plans, click here.

By Indika Wickramanayake, Impelweb Pty Ltd 

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